Lately, I have been drinking Lemonaid or Limeaid at Monument Cafe. Which are pretty good. So it got me thinking of trying to make my own. So I came up with this recipe:

Squeeze the juice of 15 limes
Squeeze the juice of 12 lemons
Combined, the juice measured 800ml
Add 2 times this amount of water (1600ml)
Add 400 grams Organic Raw Blue Agave

I kind of eyeballed the agave sweetener. The result was not sweet at all. It is good and tart!

2 thoughts on “Lemon-Limeaid

  1. willyumtx

    It would be cool to use no sweetener at all and to add the juice from a Miracle berry.

  2. Mark Hamzy

    It could be the salt equivalent when you drink shots of Tequila. Lick some miracle berry then drink the Lemon-Limeaid.

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