Sourdough Bread try #1

I tried a free form attempt at making sourdoug bread. I used some new techniques.

More follows:

The first was to use more fermentation stages. I started with a tiny amount of culture and a small amount of flour and water. I waited until it was growing at its maximum rate and then added more flour and water (essentially doubling the size). I waited again and repeated the process. The expected result I was aiming for would be this.

The second thing that I did differently was to proof the bread in the oven with the light on (the light was for warmth (~80 degrees)) and leave it in there. When the bread was done proofing, I turned on the oven to 425 degrees farenheit. I did not attempt to add steam to the oven. I let it bake for 45 minutes and this is the result:

bread try #1
bread try #2
bread try #3
bread try #4
bread try #5
bread try #6

It is amazing how many variables there are with just 4 ingredients! I have learned that I am not yet ready to go free-form just yet. Next time, I am going to try this recipe.