BGG.con 2010

Well, for this con, I had wanted to take portraits while playing boardgames. I brought the camera and accessories and packed them in a nifty travel carry-on luggage. Which I then lugged around the con but never got up the nerve to use. Sigh.

So, instead I will post about landmarks/sights on the trip up:

And the boardgames that I wanted to buy after playing them at BGG.con:

  • Master of Economy – This game is a interesting economic engine game in two parts. You build up your production capabilities and sell goods on the market. And you buy/sell shares in the four companies in the game.
  • Troyes – This is a dice game. But there are ways to mitigate the randomness of the dice roll. It’s a meatier To Court The King.
  • Navegador – The new rondel game. It’s thematic as well.
  • String Railway – This is a cute filler game. You get the feeling that you are building a Japanese subway system at the end.
  • Poseidon – A lighter/introductory 18xx game. The theme is ancient Greece.
  • Alien Frontiers – Another dice game. I definitely want to try this again.
  • Dominant Species – A meatier evo game. This game has many agonizing choices. Perhaps too many.
  • 1865 Sardinia – Another 18xx game. The artwork is gorgeous (done by 18AL’s Koyro).