Jester King tasting

I got together with two friends and held a Jester King sour beer tasting. Which composed of…

Boxer’s Revenge

Boxer's Revenge

There was

  • Grapefruit on nose
  • Tart flavor
  • Minimal funk

Das Wunderkind!

Das Wunderkind!
  • little sweeter not as tart
  • Not as choppy
  • Mouth feels thinner
  • Both have the same alcohol taste

The winner between these two was Boxer’s.

Das Überkind

Das Überkind
  • Has vanilla on the nose
  • Light oak on the nose
  • Not as smooth as Das Wunderkind


  • Depth doesn’t linger. Sour then stops.
  • The second-most tart beer
  • No Bret (peppery)
  • Bit harsh in the finish

Buddha’s Brew

Buddha's Brew
  • Smooth
  • More carbonated
  • Most balanced
  • Very Austiny
  • Very drinkable

Funk Metal

Funk Metal
  • Coffee, nutty, and sour
  • Long lasting coffee and sour notes