Three weeks ago, at the Whip In, I bought a pint of Kombucha on draft for $4.00! It was the seasonal brew called Tart Cherry Melon from Buddha’s Brew. When I looked at their web site, I saw that they filled corney kegs! How awesome is that?! Unfortunately, when I contacted them, they quoted me a price of $80 for 5 gallons. This is more expensive than the beer I buy at Black Star Coop! Crazy.

So I investigated brewing my own…

I came across the following meetup: Brewing Great Tasting, Inexpensive,High Quality Never Ending Kombucha is Easy! and decided to try it out. Only one other person joined, so I got to spend a lot of time with the instructor. However, she was not that technical or scientifically minded. At least it was a hands on course. And I took home a scoby to brew kombucha with. The only negative about the class was that the cost was not advertised.