I am working at home today (much like I did over Saturday and Sunday, sadly enough) in order to sign for a package. I ordered 200 Tyvek CD/DVD sleeves from All Things CDR. So, on package deliver attempt #1, I find out that I must sign for it. Ok. Like I care if people steal this package. I sign the piece of paper that UPS left on the door and hope that it will be delivered. The next day, I find out that, for some packages you can sign the paper, but for this package, it must be electronic. Gah! I do not want to drive to south Austin to pick it up, so I work from home. Today is day 3 and I signed for it.

When I open it, I find way too much padding. There is the foam for the empty space. And there are two bubble wrapped packages protecting the paper sleeves from damage.

What a waste!