Game Day 05/12/2005

Game #1

Around the World in 80 Days

Tonight was a Joncon since Ed was busy this night. We started out by playing a new game that Jon brought back from Boeblingen. You travel from city to city by playing cards in combinations of 1, 2, or 3. Each card has a method of transportation and a number of days that it takes. The object is to travel around the world quicker than everyone else. There are a couple of ways that can make you loose more days in the game. One is to be stuck with the detective at the end of your turn (loose 2 days). Another is for at least one person to make it back to London before your do (loose 1 day). The last way is for someone to draw one of two action cards (out of 20?) that immediately cause everyone to miss one or two days. The last way happened far too many times!

Jon raced out in the lead and stayed there. I decided to say in the rear of the pack. Once Jon made it back to London, I decided to put on a burst of speed and was able to stay the fastest traveller in the game.

Game #2

Taj Mahal

I suggested this game and Marty jumped on the chance to play. This time I decided to go for an Elephant strategy. It would have worked well but for one critical time. On the third to the last city, I believe that I played one too many elephants (3) at the start. I won that city but on the next city I got into an Elephant battle with Marty that I lost. If I had kept my other double Elephant card I could have played 6 by the second turn and won. Unfortunately, Marty switched suites and out-Elephanted me. I went from 2nd to 2nd to last.

Oh well, still a fun game!

Game #3


Marty could not grok my Zero playing style. For one hand, when it was my turn, I could not improve my hand. So rather than giving someone else a better card in the hope of improving my hand in the future, I knocked the table. Someone else knocked the table soon after that and the round was quickly over. Marty was shocked to learn that I had a score of over 20 for that hand! He says that the Gathering of Friends plays this game differently.

Game #4

10 Days in the USA

For the last game of the night, Roxana played with us and chose this game. This was a somewhat quick and light game. Unfortunately, my travelling luck was weak tonight and I lost the game.