Game Day 05/26/2005

Game #1

Ice Cream

While it was summer outside, I was without the summer-time mojo inside. I tried to set up situations where I wouldnt score as good in one round in order to set myself up for the following round. But I was unsuccessful and my body rejected the ice cream.

Game #2

Igel Argern

During the beginning of the game I thought that I was doing poorly. My poor green hedgehogs were suffering at the bottoms of many piles of other hedgehogs. In the picture, you can see that Marty (purple) and Adam (blue) were vying for an early lead. Marty was caught using drugs when his hedgehog crossed the finish line first.

Then in the middle game, my hedgehogs were able to escape from the pack and move towards the goal. Marty’s hedgehogs kept trying to jump apon my poor hedgehogs but it was not enough to make it clear that I was in position to win. Fortunately, no one was able to stop me and I won!

Game #3

Seafarers of Catan: 5-6 Player Expansion

For the last game of the night, Roxana suggested Settlers and I jumped at the chance. Ed heard that were we going to play and he bolted to the other room. After an initial problem with selecting the wrong scenario, we were able to start the game.

Jon was clearly out in first place. I was unable to escape the main island but was lucky enough to draw 3 victory point cards. We were pretty viscous in deciding where to place the robber and Rhonda (a new player) was sitting quietly and avoiding confrontation. Fortunately, Jon was not able to build his last victory point in time and I was able to sneakily claim the win.