Game Day 08/18/2005

Game #1


Well, the Adam Spielt order showed up on Tuesday and Diamant was in it and we started the night by playing it. This is a fun and quick filler game where you try to push your luck. Initially both myself and Ed were rather bold and ultimately unsuccessful at recovering the gold. However as the mines started closing up, the other learned from our example to leave early. On the other hand, Ed and I had to keep trying to strike it rich and catch up in the score. Fortunately, we were quite successful in the last two mines which gave us the win.

Game #2

Tower of Babel

One group went off to play Palazzo so we started up Tower of Babel to compete. Unfortunately, my strategy was off tonight and I built poorly. Still a good game that I want to play more of though.

Game #3


Adam suggested this game and Jon and I quickly agreed. Peter and Francesca finished out the 5 needed. They were also newbies to this game. And what was surprising was the fact that Francesca was bidding rather aggressively (showing 5 cards). I don’t think that her cards were that good, but at least she wasn’t timid. I was out in the early lead. However, Adam got some good cards towards the end which gave him the win.

Game #4


When I got back in from helping Ed load some extra chairs and a table for Saturday gaming, I found that the group opened up Medici (which was surprising because the lunch time gamers played it on Wednesday). John, Peter and Francesca were new to the game and the usual advice of muddying a load was told to them when a particularly good load for me was about to be auctioned. For the first round I didnt buy anything until the end and as a result I got cards for really cheap prices. For the second and third rounds, I concentrated soley on getting more cards in the two colors that I had established to the exclusion of having the least total. I knew that this hurt me when Adam pipped me by one point for the win! Still a good game and one that I seem to have a strong inner merchant.