Game Day 10/20/2005

Game #1

Anno 1503 – Aristokraten und Piraten

There was a full house tonight and I had to break out the third table! Fortunately, I was able to convince two others to my one of my Essen purchases which had been languishing in my bookshelf for a while. And boy did it kill my mood! The dice freakin hated me!! No one rolled a five, which was my wild card resource. While Doug’s and Susan’s wild card resource was rolled multiple times. And I could not set up a valuable production. Susan was making a ton of money selling Tobacco and Doug was making a lot of money as well. I could only sell wood and stone for 1 dollar. 1 dollar!!! Gah! I would still play it again. I do not hold the weird results that dice can have too much against this game.

Game #2


Well, there was no chance to switch players. So Susan pulled out Metro. A fun game of screwing other people. And it is surprising that she pulled it out, since I had a lot of build up rage after the previous game. So I relieved it by whining about how “I was so in last place”. Well, my Jedi mind trick must have worked because Susan and Doug left me alone a tiny bit and I was able to win the game.

Game #3

Nicht die Bohne

Most of the people left for the night and we had 5 people left. Jon suggested a card game and I responed with the perfect for 5 game of Mu. However, we had Mike with us and he hates most trick taking card games (and Doug was whining as well). So I drug out Nicht die Bohne. Which is another game of screw your opponent. The problem was that after two hands Doug was in first and I was in second (Mike was in third). And being in the lead is a bad position to be in for this game. So I was picked on severely. And what was worse was that for the last card that was played, Mike was in a king-maker situation. He chose to give the positive points to Doug and the negative to me. Which ended up in Mike winning the game, Doug in 2nd, and myself in third. Sigh…