Game Day 10/27/2005

Game #1

Liar’s Dice

Well, we started out the night by waiting for everyone to show up. So we brought out this light filler game. I went for the law of averages by calling whenever the target was above and pushing up whenever it was below. This got me third place in the game. One interesting roll for me was the two stars roll. That got one of Mike’s dice!

Game #2

RailRoad Dice Germany

Finally! I got to play a game that I have had on the table for a while now. I am just not forcefull enough to make other people play a game that I want to play.

There was some good news and some bad news. The good news was the at least there was English rules for the game. The bad news was that English was obviously a second language for the writer. Which meant that there were a number of questions that we had during the game. And I hate people trying to break a game by asking intensive questions (“What happens in this far fetched scenario?” Grr!). So there were no clear answers and we just made up some house rules to get the game going. Another unfortunate thing was that we got a rule wrong (no surprise there) that enhanced a runaway leader problem.

I tried to get Doug and Mike to play the game again. After all, we had just learned the rules and set everything up from the previous game. Sadly, Mike was burnt out and didn’t want to play again. I guess that I will have to wait a couple of months for the next playing…

Game #3


Well, it doesn’t seem like we will be able to time the games so that both tables end at close to the same time. So Mike suggested that we play Feurio! The game ended in a two way tie for the win for myself and Mike. And Mike invoked my patented read-the-rules-for-the-tie-breaker strategy for the chance of winning the tie-breaker. Unfortunately, Mike won the tie breaker…

Game #4

That’s Life!

We ended up the night by playing That’s Life. In this game, I only had three fortune tiles. Mike and Doug had collected a lot of the positive and negative tiles. I knew I was in last place currently. So my strategy was to try and collect some high value negative tiles. Unfortunately, I rolled high numbers and could only collect two negative tiles.