Game Day 03/16/2006

Game #1


Another playing of Ys for me and I still like playing it. Yes, there is an aspect to it where you need to control an area by blind bidding. However, as the turn progresses, you begin to get more information. This somewhat is analagous to a “fog of war” where information slowly resolves itself.

Game #1


This is a older game that I like and that we rarely play. So I was glad that it was brought to the table. Unfortunately for me, I had both good and bad luck in this game. The good luck was that I was able to control and initiate the scoring. However, my card draws were really bad and I could not draw the colors that I wanted to control. Sigh.

Game #3

Flea Circus

To end out the night, we played this light game. I was able to make a lot of melds and it was enough for me to overcome Ed’s 6 different 7 cards that he was collecting for the win!