League of Extraordinary ripoffs

I saw The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen today and was very dissapointed. Here is Hollywood makes a movie: steal characters from stories and alter them, put them together, and make sure that you ignore any technological timeline for when items were created and used.
It also used far too much of the Generation-X, too fast spliced, visual blender of a story-telling that always detracts from a movie rather than enhances it.
Spoilers folllow…

The year is 1899 and the following anachronisms are used in this movie: RPGs (rocket propelled grenades — although this one looked like it was wire guided), six wheeled automobiles, submarines on the scale of the Nautilus (the first German U-boat was launched in 1906), tanks (“Big Willies”), machine guns (modern looking ones), flame throwers, rigid airframe zeppelins, and submarine launched missiles that can target an
It seemed like half of the film was special effects. Four of the characters used special effects. The cities (London, Venice, and the evil Mongolian headquarters) were all special effects. And, of course, the external views of the submarine were as well.
And speaking of that famous submarine, the submarine is ridiculous. All of the interior shots of it are humungous. Apparently, the writer has never been on or seen a submarine before. The exterior shots of it make it look really long, really tall, and really thin. (It does look pretty). It can also navigate the canals of Venice without any problems at all. But I think that the worst scene was when Mr Hyde somehow knew how the submarine works and saves it from sinking by swimming down to the bottom of it and then, get ready for this, opens up what looks like a vent or drain. The second worst submarine scene was when the villians escape using the mini submarine (the Nautaloid?) and then travel from Venice to Mongolia (at least the Suez Canal was built by 1899). That weird craft (a sphere with fan-like propellor blades around the circumference) must have quite some fuel supply and speed (to keep ahead of the Nautilus even after repairs). Oh, yeah, the video display unit that they use is goofy!
Destroying Venice (including the Basilica San Marco) by making building behave like dominoes is a new leap in Hollywood-logic.
The evil Mongolian lair is large and looks like an oil refinery. It was supposedly built recently (it must of been a logistical nightmare transporting all of the supplies over the vast frozen lakes of Mongolia), but many parts of it are crumbling and in disrepair.
And they really screwed up the characters. Tom Sawyer is an American Secret Service (which was created in 1865 for forgery and in 1901 for Presidential protection) agent . Mr Hyde is the Incredible Hulk. Dorian Gray is invulnerable because of a painting. Mina Harker can see herself in a mirror and be outside in daylight.