Game Day 01/25/2007

Game #1

Call My Bluff

We started out the night with this filler game. And boy were the dice against me! Apparently the rule of the night was not to call. Instead, you were supposed to move the dice up by one. Because there were far more dice under the cups showing whatever number was declared to exist than you thought. Or were probable to exist.

Game #2


Next up was one of the great Knizia auction games. I started out with low numbers. So my strategy was apparent: call Ra as often as possible. Jon was amused that his numbers were pipping mine. So if I put out my 2, Jon would put out his 3. Or if I put out my 6, Jon would put out his 7. But that only works once. My goal was to get some great tiles cheaply.

Adam did have one lucky streak at the end of the second era. He was the last person active and was able to turn up a number of good tiles to fill up the board. Which he bought. And then turn up a couple of tiles before a Ra tile finally appeared. He then bought those because he was one Ra away from ending the second era.


Ugh, while I was certainly happy to play Tichu, I was not happy to be slaughtered at it. First Marty started off well. Then, I caught us up. Next, Jon took us down a peg. And then Adam obliterated me. I called Grand Tichu. Unfortunately, Adam had two length 5 bombs, the Dragon, two aces, and some other card. Pretty unstoppable….

01/25/2007 The scorecard for a game of Tichu

GT or T bet made or lost

This team scored more points than the other or one twoed

GT/T Team #1 GT/T GT/T Team #2 GT/T
MarkH & Jon Marty & AdamR
  0   T+ 300  
  40   T+
T+ 210    
  345 T-  
  T+ 770  
  365 T-  
GT- 200    
Game #4

Fearsome Floors

We ended out with another light-weight but fun game. This game is very thematic. You are trying to escape a monster before it eats you. The monster follows some very simple rules. Turn towards the closest person that it can see unless people on both sides are equally close. Move one step closer. Eat someone if it lands on top of them. You have three people that cycle through a maximum number of moves (1/6, 3/4, 4/3).

We played this game with the double monster variant. Which turns this game into a shorter and bloodier game. Unfortunately, it was clear that I was going to win. So the group turned to discussing how to stop me. Which I hate. I mean, I am all for each person knowing what to do and making moves to stop the leader. But when one player says “you should move this way to stop this person from winning”, I feel that this ruins the game. It is not fun to play against the group-think. Of course, they stopped me from winning. And Francesca, who was in second place, won the game instead.