Tichu and Tex-Mex 07/22/2007

Traci calls Tichu

Another gathering of Tex-Mex eating Tichuers at Mesa Rosa. I started off with a risky Tichu. On the next hand, Traci calls Tichu (you see her hand above) and then passes. Which is not usually done except when signaling your partner to not make a Tichu call or a random wish. John then over-Tichues and eventually goes out first. His play of trips was key since Traci did not want to get rid of her only three Aces.

On the last hand, I have AAAAKJ00765xx and I call Tichu before the pass. My partner passes me a King. Which is good. I like using these as singles since people will not usually play a Dragon or Phoenix on top of them. I split up my Aces during a pair battle and took a lot of points with them.

07/22/2007 The scorecard for a game of Tichu

GT or T bet made or lost

This team scored more points than the other or one twoed

GT/T Team #1 GT/T GT/T Team #2 GT/T
MarkH & JohnG Wayne & Traci
T+   -70 T-
T+   -40  
T+   -25  
Tichu at Mexican Ice cream

We left Mesa Rosa for the Mexican Ice cream store and played a couple of more hands…