Dulce de Leche

finished Dulce de Leche

So soon after making caramel, I am off trying out another version. Why so quickly? It was this recipe which inspired me. And also just how easy the preparation was. Above is the result. Although, if I could take that picture over again, I would have somehow raised the spoon to show off more of the texture. It just blends in with the mixture too much right now.

Stage beginning
Stage middle
Stage end

You start off by heating a quart (four cups) of milk and a cup of sugar in a pot with large sides until it moderately simmers. Why use large side, you ask? It is because boiling milk will bubble over. And also, because when you add 1/2 teaspoon of baking soda dissolved in water to the milk it will seriously bubble up!

Now a classical recipe of Dulce de Leche is just milk and sugar. So why then is baking soda added? Because Alton Brown explains that it prevents the whey proteins from coagulating and forming gritty particles. It will also increase the acidity of the mixture and promote browning.

All you have to do after stirring down the bubbling mixture from the baking soda is to wait. And wait. And wait. The liquid will reduce and darken. And it is up to you just how dark and how reduced you will let the liquid become. I went for “jelly like” and overshot into “peanut butter” consistency. I think this calls for some shortbread cookies to spread it on!