D&D Shadowfall Keep (part 4)

Our Dungeon Master

It seems that another month has gone by. And we don’t have a pesky hurricane to ruin it either. Ike moved east and completely missed us. Not a drop of rain hit the ground around here. Which is sad. We desperately need the rain in this drought.

Mike bought a new DM screen. Which he was happy to display. And Joe bought some appropriate candies: Mike and Ike Tropical Typhoon flavor.

Ike Sunset

Ike did give us a good show during sunset. The colors were beautiful.

In the Dungeon

We slowly worked our way deeper into the dungeon. And we all gained another level (to 3). I was luckily enough to find a magical wand of Witch Fire. I need the bonus help on hitting monsters. Our new NPC, Brother Tanaka, is a Warforged Paladin and he is very helpful. No close calls this night.

Although the dice was rolling poorly for Jon. He rolled 6 critical fumbles! Amusingly, one of the minions rolled a critical fumble and caused him self a couple of hit points. Which was enough to kill it!