Airport ordeal day 1

Salt Lick in ABIA

I planned on taking the 3:35pm flight out of Austin today. So I arrive at 1:30 to eat some lunch at the Salt Lick. Austin’s airport recently made the news out having good, local eateries inside of it. But, that was the only good news of the day.

Apparently, there were some severe storms in Dallas/Ft. Worth. All flights into and out of it were canceled. Although there was a little bit of hope when we boarded the plan after announcing that there might be a window open. However we were quickly told that the flight was delayed once again. We were also given the choice of staying on the plane or leaving. The majority voted for debarking.

I heard that the W.P.B. segment was canceled. So I headed down to the ticketing booth and waited in a huge line. With only two ticketing agents serving the line progress was slow. And while I was in the line I worried that my luggage would actually fly to Dallas without me. I finally got to the head of the line and was able to get my ticket changed to a flight for tomorrow on a different carrier (Continental) and a different hub (Houston).

luggage overflow

The next ordeal was getting my luggage back. Fortunately, the flight was canceled. But the problem was that all of the luggage was dumped onto one carousel (out of five available). I don’t know where everyone was (probably in that huge line), but there was no one to pick up any luggage. It piled up and piled up until it overflowed and the system stopped. At that point I noticed a passenger offloading the luggage. So I helped out as well. Finally, an employee came out and reset the system. And eventually I was able to retrieve my luggage and make it back home at 8:30pm.