Airport ordeal day 2

Pappadeaux in Houston

I woke up pretty freaking early. When I turned on the TV I was shocked to hear that Marble Falls received more than 18 inches of rainfall in a couple of hours. And the weather radar was not looking good. An obvious squall line was heading south east out in the hill country. But I hoped that I could leave Austin before any serious rains hit. I safely arrive at the airport and, after getting a special screening, I see that my flight is scheduled to be on time. But then it changes to delayed because of mandatory crew rest (and not weather oddly enough).

I make it into Houston at 10 and run to my next flight which is a different wing of the airport. This entails fast walking a long distance, getting into a bus, waiting for the bus to fill up, waiting for the bus to backup and turn around, waiting for the bus to drive a short distance around the complex, and then fast walking another long distance. When I make it to my next gate, I still see my flight number so I have hope that I arrived in time. But it changes to another flight and I realize that it is too late. So I walk to an agent and change my ticket. Fortunately, they have held a seat on the next flight for me yesterday.

This flight leaves at 2:10 and I have a couple of hours to kill. I go to eat lunch but am faced with a dilemma. Do I eat in the B section or do I eat in the E section where my new gate is. Well, I chose badly and decide to eat at a pizza place in the B section. I know that they never have the same restaurants in the different sections. After lunch, I arrive in the E section only to encounter a Pappadeaux! Gah! I could have had seafood but ate crappy pizza. This makes me want to throw it all up…

There were no problems with my next flight and I finally arrive in Florida. I wait for my luggage only to have it not show up. So I walk to the baggage claim area and find out that it had made the previous flight! How can it get off loaded, sorted, and reloaded faster than I can get to a gate!?

I get a car at the airport and get transported to the Hertz location. However, when I walk up to my car, there is a lady getting into it. It seems we were both rented the same car! We both walk back in to sort it out and I leave with the car…