Disc Golf 09/15/2007

John looking for a disc

The start for today was rather brutal for John. He whacked his hand on a metal pole and caused the disc to fly off course. Where we lost it in the trees. And that was not the only disc that we lost. I lost two. And John lost three. But we came back after the first round was over and were able to spot the disc high in the trees!


The tournament took forever. The biggest problem was that it was played over two courses that were miles apart. We were forced to wait for everyone to comeback from Kyle. Finally, at 3:30 we headed out for the second round.

I kept remarking how it had not rained yet. And the fact that this was the first tournament that I have ever played where it has not rained. But fate would continue along in its footsteps and sprinkle a little bit on us. We were lucky. It rained much harder in San Marcos where we had just left.

Ugh. The tournament took forever to finish. We finally left for home at 8pm…