Game Day 11/29/2007

Game #1

Race for the Galaxy

I am liking this game more and more. And I should probably get rid of San Juan. Since these games are very similar. But what R.F.T.G. has going for it is the artwork, the science fiction theme, and the slightly more complex gameplay. In this game, I went for a pure military strategy. I started off with Epsilon Eridani. Who are slightly less militaristic cousins of New Sparta. Fortunately, I began the game with the Space Marines. I was able to slowly build up my military strength. And I was lucky to draw the New Galactic Order which gave me an end of game bonus of 10 points. John was going for rare production worlds. Jon was going for developments. Which allowed him to build more cards than us. And he was the one who finally ended it. But it turned out that my military reigned supreme.

Game #2a
Game #2b


Next up was Amyitis which is Ystari’s new game. The rules were slightly confusing. It took us a while to figure out what cards were meant for what pile and what everything else was used for. This game gave me a good sense of possibilities. There seemed to be a number of mechanisms to score points. And there seemed to exist a number of ways to pip people. Jon and I kept fighting during this game. He would get the better of me one time. And then I would best him another time. There are also some surprising mechanisms. Jon was able to pip me in a fight for control at one area by an action on the camel board. I was not expecting that. My plans were to complete the win in that area in the following turn. I retaliated by regaining supremacy in the farmer area by multiple placements of temple followers. It certainly looked like Jon was going to win that battle. But I fought back just in the nick of time.

There are also some painful aspects. Only two people can ever progress in the three areas of research. I was locked out of victory point generation. And it was painful to watch the Jo(h)ns progress during the game. So I concentrated on trying to farm high point value areas. But it was not enough. And just one farm away from winning the game (but it at least got me second).